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Hose Clamp


PD-SY-01 is a USA type hose clamp which has been introduced to the market for a long period of time. For its structure being perfectly well-made, nowadays it is being widely used by many users.

Features of material:The PD-SY-01 series receives some advantages as below:

1. The steel belt and housing on this product are 304H high steel stainless

steel material, which is equivalent to the same high level manufacturing procedure, the hardness to the stainless steel belt is functional at HV380 degree. The PD-SY-01 series receives anti-Electrolytic treatment. 


2. The housing on this product uses 304H high steel steel stainless steel as material, enabling it with high tension and high tolerance to deformation. It also receives an additional 30% on torque value.


3. The screw on the product is manufactured under a 5-step process, and the accurate round degree made for the screw provides this product with good idle running frequency.

The materials all use #300S.S. and the Torque value is capable to reach above 14 Newton/Meter.


4. This item has patents in Taiwan, and many other countries also are registering our PD-SY-01 series regarding the "steel band pressing edge"and "fur treatment production process" mold as patented products. The band structure is also patented.

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: Taiwan
Sales Method: Export
Payment Term: T/T

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